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Hope & Dignity

Make A Difference

delivering first class care
to our unhoused neighbors.

How Does It Work?

Blessed To Give focuses on care for our unhoused neighbors. We work with various churches, individuals and groups to distribute basic supplies and offer services that promote cleanliness, health and hope.

We have a unique approach to serving people experiencing homelessness. We want to restore dignity by setting a standard for quality and providing an unforgettable experience. Blessed to Give seeks to create a reputation for excellence in serving.

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Serving The Unhoused

Building relationships and providing essential care like showers, food, clothing and other hygiene necessities.

Raising Awareness

Blessed To Give is created to encourage people to help others. We all have been blessed with gifts and you can use your gifts and blessings to impact your community. 

Building A Community

We want to open up the eyes of the community on how we can assume more responsibility in helping our most vulnerable residents. 

What We Do

Mobile Showers for the Homeless

We want to make personal hygiene a regular part of life for the people experiencing homelessness in our community. Showering is a human right that most of us take for granted. Showers can be therapeutic and provide a personal space to wash away the grime and smell of being homeless but also the stresses, worries and concerns any of us face on a daily basis.

We hope to provide mobile showers and other hygiene services to our unhoused neighbors through connections with partners to make cleanliness easily accessible.​ Learn more about our campaign.

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