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Together we can
change their story

Giving the unhoused community the tools they need to survive.

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About us

We aim to provide continual access to food, clothing, water, sanitation and hygiene services

for the most vulnerable neighbors through partnerships, community, and compassion.

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Imagine A Life Without Showers.

Help us build a mobile shower unit

What would it feel like if you haven't had access to clean water and a bathroom? What if people looked at you with disgust because you haven’t showered in weeks? You don’t have a bed, or a new change of underwear or socks.


This is a daily struggle for our people experiencing homelessness.

Often, this loss of humanity and dignity further contributes to the awful downward spiral of homelessness.


Blessed To Give wants to bring free showers to Detroit's unhoused community. This program is designed to give those in need a safe, private place to get cleaned up and help thousands reclaim their dignity.

Let's do good, together.

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