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Serving the Unhoused

Dehumanization poses the biggest threat to the unhoused community. We combat that threat by restoring dignity and treating each person we encounter with respect. Changing the way we see the unhoused community.


Our long-term solutions include, employment ad housing but until then, we are committed to giving the unhoused community the tools they need to survive and building them up mentally to recognize their worth as human beings.

Ways you can serve the unhoused community


Each week we provide meals at a local shelter. If you love to cook, this is an awesome way for you to get involved! You can also fund a meal.


We are making sure the people we served are not judged or ignored by their appearance by providing items that will assit them in being clean. 


We are increasing our services to the unhoused community by raising funds to bring mobile hygiene services to Detroit and surrounding areas. 

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