Together, we aim to provide continual access to food, clothing, water, sanitation, and hygiene for the most vulnerable neighbors through partnerships, community, and compassion.

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Our Approach

Oftentime we forget that homeless men or women need to feel like a person…not just a homeless person. Society has come to believe that a person's circumstance determines the level of respect and care they derseve. Most organizations serve the unhoused with unhealthy foods, clothing that continues to make them 'look homeless'. What if we actually started rebuilding their confidence and health through a different way.

We aim to give them the same treatment that we would expect for ourselves from any person or establishment. 

The new approach looks like fresh fruits and veggies instead of fruit snacks and chips. New garments or the best gently used clothing we can find. Asking what is needed instead of assuming. We are here to remove the label of ‘homeless’ and treat our fellow neighbors the way we would want to be served. Simple kindness can create lasting positive change in their lives. 


We envision a society where everyone is seen, valued, and empowered to succeed.

A community of people united by the desire to serve and fight for change.  


From Detroit, For Detroit.

Blessed To Give was founded in 2020 by Dejuan and Carol Puttman to tackle homelessness with a new perspective.

Both born and raised in Detroit, Juan and Carol have walked the streets, seen the hurt and struggle of the communities, and know what it's like to be without. That upbringing has humbled them, birthing a passion to speak life and spread love in the city. They are committed to being a part of the positive change in Detroit.

The Puttmans are passionate about seeing the Kingdom of God in action & are so grateful for the opportunities they have been given to see first-hand & partner with God in what He is doing around the world.  In every community, there are individuals who have untapped potential to make their community a better place. We are all Blessed To Give.

Our goal is to make a transformative impact in the community - starting with the individuals that are most in need.We strive to empower our volunteers and community partners through education and opportunities for service and community engagement.

"It is more blessed to give than to receive." Acts 20:35

Our Values

Respect - Collaboration - Acceptance - Integrity - Compassion - Love

We are proud members of SHARE Detroit, a 501(c)(3)non-profit organization that offers simple ways for neighbors, nonprofits and businesses to come together through good to support our local community. Learn more about their efforts.

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